1A2NE55XUL200 Price: $92.90

NEW 55 GALLON OH STEEL DRUM, 16 GA.23.5'x35' 58 lbs. UN#1A2-X423-S & Y1.5/100


comprehensive offering fulfils a wide range of customer requirements.
    sizes from 210L to 220L
    for the use in chemical and mineral oil industry
    manufactured according to ISO 15750-1
    seam-welded drum body, base with triple seam
    optional W-shaped beads to improve stability
    UN approved for solid or liquid and solid dangerous goods
    plain steel or lacquering inside
    decoration options include, spray-painted finish, offset and screen-printing 






Clamping Ring




Steel plate according to ISO 3574 and ISO 16162

longitudinal seam welded, 2 rolling hoops, upper drum body


Drum body and base connected with triple seam.

Lid fully removable, gasket PUR foam or foam rubber.

with outside located lever closure, options:

A) special profile, endings overlapping, liquid/solid approval

B) normal profile, endings not overlapping, solid approval

a) inside plain, outside spray painted

b) inside with coating, outside spray painted

c) inside/outside galvanised

Blue, RAL 5010

screen printing, body can be flat or with two or more rolling

hoops/beads, lid with closures G2" and G3/4"

Technical Data

Nominal Volume 215,0 L Inner Diameter 571,5 mm

Outer Height 880,0 mm Outer Diameter 585,0 mm

Sheet Thickness [mm] Weight2) [kg] Marking/UN Approval

Shell Base Lid

A) Drums for dangerous liquids and solids, clamping ring with special profile4)

0,8 1,0 1,0 17,3 UN 1A2/Y/140 /…3)/D/BAM 9004-M1 UN 1A2/X417/S/…3)/D/BAM 9004-M1

0,9 1,0 1,0 18,4 UN 1A2/Y/140 /…3)/D/BAM 9004-M1 UN 1A2/X417/S/…3)/D/BAM 9004-M1

1,0 1,0 1,0 19,5 UN 1A2/Y/140 /…3)/D/BAM 9004-M1 UN 1A2/X417/S/…3)/D/BAM 9004-M1

1,2 1,2 1,2 23,0 UN 1A2/X1.5/180 /…3)/D/BAM 9003-M1 UN 1A2/X423/S/…3)/D/BAM 9003-M1

B) Drums for dangerous solids, clamping ring with normal profile5)

0,8 1,0 1,0 16,3 - UN 1A2/X250/S/…3)/D/BAM 10031-M1

0,9 1,0 1,0 17,4 - UN 1A2/X250/S/…3)/D/BAM 10031-M1

1,0 1,0 1,0 18,5 - UN 1A2/X250/S/…3)/D/BAM 10031-M1

1,2 1,2 1,2 22,0 - UN 1A2/X285/S/…3)/D/BAM 10030-M1

1) Other colours and printing available 2) Weight and thickness