08207 Price: $251.61


Prevent dangerous spills when transferring flammable liquids.


Easy pouring during liquid waste collection

  • Wide-mouth opening with hinged, stay-open lid
  • Built in flame arrester on most models to prevent fire intrusion
  • Galvanized steel with durable epoxy powder coat finish
  • Self-closing in case of fire

Wide mouth funnels are a must when transferring liquids into the relatively small 2" bung on a 30- or 55-gallon drum. Justrite offers funnels with superior safety features that make them ideal for use with solvent, thinner, oil and paint wastes. Heavy 18-gauge galvanized steel with electrostatically applied epoxy powder coat paint provides durability and chemical resistance. All funnels comply with EPA and OSHA regulations and are FM approved. Larger funnels accept a lock to prevent unauthorized access. Funnels intended for use with flammables are fitted with a brass flame arrester that absorbs and dissipates heat, preventing any external ignition source (like sparks from powertools, static electricity or cigarettes) from reaching the drum's flammable contents.


Popular model No. 08207 with 6" flame arrester handles most needs while No. 08205 with 32" flame arrester provides greater liquid flow. For viscous or nonflammable liquids, funnel No. 08208 is fitted with a 33" open end brass tube to direct liquid flow. Self-close models have a fusible link that melts at 165° F. The cover then automatically shuts in case of a fire to extinguish the flames. Justrite Safety Funnels keep your workplace clean, safe and in compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.