26753 Price: $397.91 Retail Price: $468.97 (Save $71.06)


Self-latching 55-gallon (200ltr) drum cover with vent and gasket



Convenient self-latching lid simplifies your waste collection and containment efforts.


  • Simple one hand operation, automatically latches
  • Gasketed lid controls vapor release, no VOC emissions
  • Complies with NESAM

Establish safe and compliant procedures by neutralizing the element of human error when collecting solvent soaked rags or combustible trash. New self-latching safety drum cover features a spring loaded, rotary latch mechanism, which allows the cover to securely close via gravity or a slight touch of the hand providing an air tight seal. This reduces the potential for the drum lid to be left open by mistake, eliminating the chance for oxygen to enter and start a fire. Latch trigger can be actuated with a single finger to release the lid. The latch shroud keeps fingers out of the pinch zone while acting as a handle to lift the lid. A vent is installed which relieves pressure build-up between 3 and 5 psig at elevated temperatures for safety.